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Donna Logan

American Red Cross

SF VOAD Past Chair

Daughter of a gold miner and raised in Gold Country, Donna has a BA in Spanish from San Jose State and a MA in Organizational Development from USF. A Red Cross Volunteer since 2005, she has a wealth of experience in disaster preparedness, response and recovery as well as partnering with local government and community organizations. Donna has fulfilled a myriad of leadership roles at the Red Cross including - Disaster Services Chair (3 years), Client Casework Team Lead (2 years) and Community Outreach Coordinator (3 years). Donna loves quilting, gardening, and mystery novels.


San Francisco Community Agencies Responding to Disaster

SF VOAD Current Chair

Heather Lee became a disaster nerd in 2012, when she joined the American Red Cross. It has recently come to her attention however that as a huge McGuyver fan, this was probably inevitable. 

As a disaster responder, Heather has led responses for the Red Cross such as the UPS shooting in San Francisco, the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, and managed a call center after Hurricane Harvey. 

She is especially proud of her work on the Listos California and MyShake campaigns as well as invigorating, cheerleading and all around supporting VOAD formation in Northern California.



SF VOAD Secretary

You could have a neat bio here. 

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